Meet Pete and Mike. friends and co-owners of MVP Nutritionals.



Pete admits to having an almost unhealthy work ethic when it comes to pushing himself to the physical brink; each and every time he steps foot in the gym for his personal workouts and for which he demands of his own clients that he personally trains. In fact, in addition to being the proud co-owner of the newest and most thoughtfully crafted pre-workout on the market, he also owns and manages his own local gymnasium - The Fitness Workshop based in Lalor, Victoria. The two common mantra’s that you will see on the walls inside are “Do the Work!” and “No Excuses!”



Michael Nedanovski’s self-professed obsession with supplements began very early on in his fitness journey. Having personally trialed dozens of pre-workout brands throughout his years of training, Mike’ has been able to identify “what works; and what doesn’t”. Mike remarks that “many of the pre-workouts out there are fairy dusted and just not dosed correctly..”

the inspiration

Peter Halaby agreed, and together; set out to develop a formula that not only contained all the essential ingredients; but one that crucially dosed the ideal amount based on peer-reviewed scientific journals -read our blog post series titled the Physiological and performance effects of…”

Both Mike and Pete believe that what sets this pre-workout apart from others out there; is that not only did they personally oversee the development of the formula; but they were able to draw upon the anecdotal evidence they themselves experienced as they personally trialled each and every iteration of the development of the formula through to its current state. 

Their philosophy is one that they are sure will be a hit with their customers - that is, “we simply do not compromise on quality and quantity. Pound-for pound, buck-for buck; we’re confident that our product will match; and beat, anything else out there.”